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Alisha Icesong

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Application: Alisha Icesong
« on: August 01, 2018, 10:11:45 PM »
OOC information
Name: <optional> Leah
Age: <optional> 25
Location: <optional> England

Experience with WoW
How long have you played WoW? Just started a week ago

What do you know of Warcraft lore? Hardly anything, but have started watching videos, reading on it though.

Highest leveled character? As of right now, 30.

What is your roleplay experience? I have roleplayed in several other games, so not too bad. Average I guess

Additional questions
How did you hear of us? My boyfriend

Do you know anyone in the order already? Brightedge

What are your hobbies? Gaming mostly

Do you work? are you student? Something else? Work

Are you familiar with the Code of Conduct?
Can't, comes up with "  The requested URL /index.php was not found on this server"

What can you contribute with in the guild? Not sure other than being an active player as of right now

What is your average online time? Around what time are you frequently online or do you typically play?
somedays during the day and evening depending on the day

IC information

Character Name
(Full title) Alisha Icesong  (OOC: Aequitas)

Character Race Human

Character Class Paladin

Male/Female Female

(Is it known?) Unknown

Age or Date of Birth
(Is it known?) Late 20s

Short Piece of writing
(We would benefit from knowing your language capabilities, strengths and weaknesses etc.
Please write a short story or piece of text that either summarises your character, or shows of your writing at its best!)

Alisha, is a frank and daring individual. But what else can you expect from somebody with her troubled past.

Alisha was born and grew up in Westfall, abandoned and left there by whoever her parents were. She lived out of trouble until
she was about 17 years old, but at that point, her life changed drastically.

Her only friend. Her best friend was murdered by a group of thugs and at that point she had nobody else to turn to.
Against all odds she had to survive in a brutal world, scared and solus. But from her rough background she was able to survive,
training herself how to fight with weapons on an abandoned farm Scarecrow. She did this for a long time, years prehaps. Untill
one day she was approached by a man, not from Westfall. The man took her in as his own, trained her in the same ways he had been
trained. With the lessons of her past she now she is a strong warrior, set on a path of helping other people who too are as
hopeless as she was when she was only a child.

With the lessons of the past, she now is sort of a beacon of hope for those who are without hope.. And now she wants to take
that a step further, she wants to join others who do the sort of work she has been doing by herself for years. She feels - if she
was in a group, she could do so much more for those people.

(Sorry if backstory is not so good, it's a work in progress, I will edit and improve as I go along)
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Re: Application: Alisha Icesong
« Reply #1 on: August 02, 2018, 12:05:20 AM »
Looks good. Give me a shout in game and we can sign you up as a Lay Member pending IC interview.

If you can't read the Code on the website, there is a copy in these forums:

Alisha Icesong

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Re: Application: Alisha Icesong
« Reply #2 on: August 02, 2018, 10:33:56 AM »
Thank you I will whisper you when I get the chance

Edit: I have now read the code of conduct