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Vanrich Application
« on: September 21, 2018, 12:01:16 AM »
    Nicky van Rijn
Age :
Location :
   the Netherlands

Experience with WoW
How long have you played WoW?
   On a private server since BC, But started the real deal since Mists of Pandaria

What do you know of Warcraft lore?

   I have allmost read all the books and know a fair deal about the lore
Highest leveled character?

   Vilghas, Oakrune both 120

What is your roleplay experience?

   Years of working in the Recluse, and a short time in the ninth Company

Additional questions? 
How did you hear of us?
   I have seen the diciples roaming the rp community for ages now,

Do you know anyone in the order already?

What are your hobbies?
   Larp, warhammer, Walking

Do you work? are you student? Something else?

   Work fulltime in shifts in a metal factory

Are you familiar with the Code of Conduct?


What can you contribute with in the guild?

   Social behaviour and respect

What is your average online time? Around what time are you frequently online or do you typically play?
   Depends on the shift, One week ill be on from 21:00, the other week from 22:45

IC information

Character Name

   Nick Vanrich

Character Race :


Character Class
   Artisan, paladin in training




Age or Date of Birth ,

   14th of january, 25 years old

Short Piece of writing

Nick was born in a loving family in the hearth of Darkshire, Both his parents were part of the Nightwatch, and he spend
most of his time as a kid with Father Maxwell while his parents were on duty.
When Nick turned 12 his father send him to the smith's to learn the craft, It turned out to be a splendid choice for it
fit him like a glove. Throughout his later teens he watched with great envy as adventurers came through his town while he worked.
wondering if he would ever be as free as them. He did not hate his life, He loved his town and its hearty people, Yet he craved for
the great beyond, no matter what the stories said.

He got his chance at the age of 25,By then his parents had died on duty, and dear Father Maxwell send him off, he had nothing tie him
down, so he could pursuit his dream of becoming a hero, And that is what he is trying to this very day
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Re: Vanrich Application
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Good application.


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Hargs, and thank you for your application. I think it looks good so far, but Im not experienced hunter. We will discuss your application and get back to you as soon as possible.