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Leelou's Application
« on: September 26, 2018, 10:53:24 PM »
]OOC information[/b]
Name: <optional> Ellie Johnson
Age: <optional> 26
Location: <optional> Ireland, United Kingdom

Experience with WoW
How long have you played WoW? Since late Cataclysm

What do you know of Warcraft lore? Played through most of the story's + watched a lot of lore on YouTube

Highest leveled character? 120

What is your role-play experience?  Quite good, role-played for a few years but on a different server

Additional questions
How did you hear of us? Used to role-play on Defias during MoP seen you guys are still running so thought i'd give it a shot

Do you know anyone in the order already? Role-played with a few a long time ago, don't know anyone personally

What are your hobbies?  WoW, reading and other boring stuff

Do you work? are you student? Something else?  currently unemployed, looking for work

Are you familiar with the Code of Conduct?; I've read it

What can you contribute with in the guild?  Not quite sure yet, but I will be an active member

What is your average online time? Around what time are you frequently online or do you typically play?  14:00 - 00.00 pretty much every day

IC information

Character Name
(Full title) Leelou Lucius Ravenport

Character Race Human

Character Class Ranger/Medic (hunter)

Male/Female Female

(Is it known?) City of Gilneas

Age or Date of Birth
(Is it known?)  22

Short Piece of writing
(We would benefit from knowing your language capabilities, strengths and weaknesses etc. Please write a short story or piece of text that either summarises your character, or shows of your writing at its best!)

Leelou has not had a simple life,  when she was only young the worgen curse had broke out in Gilneas and swarms of undead has broke through Gilnean defenses. Skipping all that because everyone knows the storyline, she was shipped off
to Stormwind City, her family dead or feral worgen, she does not know. Leelou was lucky enough to not have been bitten by the worgen during the outbreak so she is one of the many un-afflicted with the curse. During her time in Stormwind she has grown
into a strong young woman, she has been in two military company's including the 55th Ranger Company (The Westfall Rangers) and the 55 Footman (The Blazing Shields). During this time she has accumulated alot of combat skills, sadly due to innactive leadership
in both, she companys disbanded. Though - during her time on campaigns and missions she had founded a new faith in the light while serving with a priest on her last expedition, now she wishes to extend on that faith and learn more about it.

(Sorry if it goes on a little, never been one for Storytelling unfortunately)


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Re: Leelou's Application
« Reply #1 on: September 27, 2018, 10:44:31 PM »
Good application. Please contact either myself or Beladon in game for an interview