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« on: February 16, 2019, 11:35:29 PM »
OOC information
Name: Ben
Age: 24
Location: The Netherlands

Experience with WoW
How long have you played WoW?
Started around late Burning Crusade.

What do you know of Warcraft lore?
I'm learning a lot through RP, but I'd say a bit more than average.

Highest leveled character?
Ysiele, Kirstyn. Both 120.

What is your roleplay experience?
Started around begin-april, 2018. I've done a lot of roleplay since then, though. Also DM'd about 10 to 20(?) events.

Additional questions
How did you hear of us?
Well I've forgotten since I practically know the guild since when I started on the server. ^^

Do you know anyone in the order already?
I've met most(?) officers, Ginsburg, and my favourite two Dwarves Yriah and Yannim. Might be forgetting someone!

What are your hobbies?
Practically all things creative! I enjoy building/creating things.

Do you work? are you student? Something else?

Are you familiar with the Code of Conduct?

What can you contribute with in the guild?
I'd love to DM some things and hopefully provide enjoyable company haha.

What is your average online time? Around what time are you frequently online or do you typically play?
Few hours a day? I'm fairly active.

IC information

Character Name
Alain Foldrin

Character Race

Character Class



Age or Date of Birth

Short Piece of writing
Alain Foldrin, born and raised in Gilneas until it fell, moved to Ironforge to find solace.
Unfortunately the Dwarvish charm was not for him and he decided to begin a new life in Stormwind. Hoping to make himself useful again and find purpose, started to search for a new career and decided to reach out to the Disciples.


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Re: Foldrin
« Reply #1 on: February 23, 2019, 12:51:27 PM »
Good application. Would have been nice to have seen something about the Light in your back story, to explain why you might want to join the Disciples, but we can cover that in your IC interview.

Sorry it has taken so long to respond. I've been a bit busy this week.