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Application: Marijn Lionheart
« on: March 21, 2019, 12:06:02 AM »
OOC information
Name: <optional> Marijn Jackson
Age: <optional> 23
Location: <optional> United Kingdom

Experience with WoW
How long have you played WoW? Since release on a shared account

What do you know of Warcraft lore? Bit of a lore nerd so I know quite alot

Highest leveled character? 120

What is your roleplay experience? Roleplayed since WOLK

Additional questions
How did you hear of us? Roleplayed with Disciple's when I was in the Holy Lightbringers

Do you know anyone in the order already? Valestrion, Anne (IC) Not really anyone OOC

What are your hobbies? World of Warcraft, drawing, Roleplay, other things

Do you work? are you student? Something else? Work (Part time)

Are you familiar with the Code of Conduct? I read through it

What can you contribute with in the guild? Active roleplayer who will create and participate in events.

What is your average online time? Around what time are you frequently online or do you typically play? Depends on my work schedule as it's not fixed

IC information

Character Name Lady Marijn Lionheart
(Full title)

Character Race Human

Character Class Paladin

Male/Female Female

Birthplace Northshire Outskirts
(Is it known?)

Age or Date of Birth 27
(Is it known?)

Short Piece of writing
(We would benefit from knowing your language capabilities, strengths and weaknesses etc. Please write a short story or piece of text that either summarises your character, or shows of your writing at its best!)

Marijn Lionheart was born during the summer, as an only child to a small, peaceful family on the outskirts of Northshire. Her father was a priest in the Holy Order of Northshire and her mother worked as a Cleric in the Stormwind Cathedral, her family was definatly not rich but they definatly were more middle class citizens than they were low. Being born near Northshire and also to a man who worked there, provided her with a good, basic education.

The talkative little girl loved making friends and, energetic as she was, often played outdoors with the trainee's in Northshire. When she was not holding play fights with wooden swords, she could often be found home at the fire, listening to her grandfather's boastful accounts of his time in the army.

As she became a teenager, Marijn lost much of her adventurous spirit, starting to want to be a Knight. She developed a passion for reading, especially tales of knights and maidens, and re-enacted the stories with dolls in the privacy of her room. Once she realised she was fantasising where she could prehaps make her own story and prehaps go down within those books she once read as a child, she decided to join up with the Holy Order of Northshire along her father and started her training. The next few years were tough on her but they paid off greatly when she learnt how to wield a sword and bend the light to her needs.

A few years later she was Knighted for her bravery and her sacrifice on the field when she took a arrow into the chest to save her Mentor. The arrow was only centermeters from her heart and left a very nasty scar! This is how he realised that prehaps she would be well suited elsewhere instead of training other people to do what she had already gone through. Her mentor reported to Brother Neals who sent her to an order that was created a while ago by another former Northshire personal, Sir Aarian Northlight. This order is ofcourse the Disciple's of Light and now here she is...


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Re: Application: Marijn Lionheart
« Reply #1 on: March 25, 2019, 08:41:38 PM »
Good application.