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An overview of things to come
« on: August 17, 2011, 11:00:22 AM »
Greetings Brothers, Sisters,

The Disciples are doing well, and it shows. Our numbers are growing, and the officers are spammed with whispers and requests. At least, I am, and by the busy look on Valestrion's face, I get the impression eh isn't spared either. This is good! :)

The guild has been away on a campaign for some time now. While this certainly has had its share of fun, it has also taken us a bit out of the daily Stormwind routine, and perhaps it has kept our mind of the events that await our return!
So I would like to give a brief overview of what to expect the coming 2 weeks. This is focused around "what I know". Feel free to add your own events in a reply and I'll add them to the list.


Wednesday, 17th of August, 20:00 - Battle
Tonight, we fight our final battle in the campaign. This is also the final battle of this round, and handles the "dominion of Ashenvale". So make it count.

Thursday, 18th of August, 19:00 - Uther's Pilgrimage
Tomorrow we have our yearly pilgrimage to Uther, once more. For more information, check the event topic for it.
The Disciples make it a tradition to be there, so I certainly encourage you to partake.

Friday-Sunday, 19th-21st
We have little planned on these days specifically. However, these days mark our return to Stormwind. While we will be in Stormwind, on Thursday, our stay will be brief untill Friday.
It may prove interesting to explore the landscape again. During our absence, Nobles have tried to take over the council, and certainly there has been a continuous power struggle among some noble and lesser noble houses. It may prove interesting to explore the political landscape.

Monday, 22nd of August, tentative - Cultist Event
While the event is not final yet, or at least the details aren't, we have been kept in the loop of a cultist event on monday. It's likely we will have to demonstrate some battle prowess and demonstrate some collective power of faith. Details will follow!

Tuesday, 23rd of August, 20:00 -  Jean-Pierre's re-opening of the Canal's Library
This event is still tentative.
It is also planned to be brief. Jean-Pierre will be recieving permission from the shop/library owners to manage it and open it to the public. He may be organizing a small public event for this.

Tuesday, 23rd of August, 21:00 - Council
This will be the first "regular" council since the start of the campaign. I'd like DoL to show up in numbers, to show we are back in full force! And to stand strong against any claim against us... :P

Wednesday, 24th of August, 20:00 - Community of Light
On Wednesday there is a community of Light meeting. It's a debate about ethics and Light, or among the orders if there is an issue.
It has almost become a tradition for JP or Shariah to speak here, and while I'm appreciative for the chance to talk... I would like to encourage fellow members to step forward for a chance.

Thursday, 25th of August, 20:00 - Battleground evening
Thursday we'll gather up and smite some foes! Depending on the signups on the calendar, I might tempt inviting another order to fight alongside of us for a full premade. But I won't risk a Disciple having to sit it out. So sign up as soon as the event is up in our Calendar!

Near Future

There will be some events in the near future. These have not been given dates yet, but they are in the proces pipe :)

Medic Convention
A medic convention will be organized to gather all types of healers, medics, or medicine makers. You are all invited to join as both visitor or speaker. The event will be announced 3 weeks in advance, so it's probably still a month from now. However, if you plan to make a presentation on this convention, it might be interesting to start thinking on what you'd like to do.

Irys and Jean-Pierre's Priesthood ceremony
First, Irys and JP will have to stand before a brief jury, but this will be a closed event.
Following this will be a public ceremony, one that will be held by the Disciples of Light. I'll post more information on this as soon as the date is set. The date for this event may be announced on shorter notice (a week or so)! But I'll make sure you heard of it.

Funeral: Lazel's Mother
The ending of Lazel's condition has forced him to part from his mother, permanently (for now..). We will be holding a service for her. I'll assist with the funeral as you wish, Lazel, but we will expect you to direct us somewhat in this.

What we have in mind

While the aforementioned events are in the pipeline, it doesn't mean we have no other events ahead of us. There is a large numbers of recruits in our ranks, and this has certainly been on our minds. This means I'll be placing some more focus on their progression in particular. Many of us have served in the latest war, and that is a good start on anyone's resume :)
It is time some progress to Squire or higher.

Character Development
Aside from our recruits, we also have personal storylines that seem to be on the verge of developing. I have in mind Lazel and Albaricus for example. They have hinted towards a certain progression IC and I would like to bring this to our attention. My aim to build a plan with them, OOCly. I note this here as this plan will be probable be entwined (planned or by coincidence) with our events and the flow of things.

I would also like to call to other Brothers and Sisters who, aside from the rank promotion, would like to build an additional development path for their characters.

Well.... I know there's more to come, but my gosh this post is long already! If you have questions, would like to increase your involvement or add your own ideas, let us know!!

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