Rank Structure

The Disciples of Light offers a simple structure that divides its members in three groups:

  • Officers with ranks Master Chaplain, High Chaplain and Chaplain in descending order for the chain of command.
  • Members, with ranks Knight, Deacon and Devout which form the bulk of the guild's troops and from which junior officers are selected.
  • Trainees, with ranks Squire, Adept and Initiate.



  • Patron: Sir Aarian Northlight.
    No longer on active service, the Patron was the founder and original leader of the Disciples of Light. He remains a spiritual beacon to the Disciples.
  • Master Chaplain: Sir Beladon Indarys.
    The Master Chaplain is the commander of the Disciples of Light.
  • Chaplain: Sir Vardrek Ironhammer.
    The Chaplains are the teachers and field commanders of the Disciples of Light, tasked to organize the different divisions of the Order.
  • Chaplain General: Sir Valestrion Drayke.
    Unlike the other officers, the Chaplain General does not take an active role in the management of the Disciples of Light directly. Instead, the Chaplain General is tasked with the management of the Holy Brigade, an over-arching organization between various Orders of the Church of the Holy Light.



  • Knight
    Knighthood is a title reserved for those Disciples who have gone above and beyond to prove their Valor, Courage, Strength, Wisdom and Ability to lead. They can support the leadership by leading missions and training sessions.
    • Knight-Captain
      Captains can be chosen among the Knights. These are sub-officers chosen to handle a particular responsibility within a division of the Order. For example, they may be tasked to lead a defensive battleline.
    • Scout-Captain
      Captains can be chosen among the Scouts. These are sub-officers chosen to oversee scouting missions, managment and the training of new scouts.
    • High Cleric
      High Clerics can be chosen among the Clerics. These are sub-officers chosen to oversee the civilian services and see to the training of new Clerics.
  • Crusader
    Crusader is the rank given to Aspirants who have finished their training. They form the core of our Order and are able to carry out missions without guidance from officers. Crusaders can be granted acting leadership in the field, with the temporary rank of Lieutenant.


  • Aspirant
    Aspirants undergo their training under the tutelage of a Knight. They serve their Knight in and around the field of duty in return for their tutoring within their specialization.
  • Initiate
    New members of the Order are welcomed in the rank of Initiate. Their duty binds them to learning the origins and principles of the Order, its code, its beliefs and structure. When their knowledge of the Order and its origins is proven adequate, they win the right to bear the coat of arms, take the vow of Disciple and become an Aspirant.

Special titles

While rare, sometimes a special title can be awarded to a Disciple for their service to the Order or the community.


The title Champion is awarded to Disciples who demonstrated service to the Order and the citizens of the Alliance beyond measure. Most commonly, the title is awarded posthumously to Disciples whom sacrificed themselves in the line of duty, for their fellow Disciple or the citizens of the Alliance.

This title is known to be awarded to Officers following an extended service for the Order.

Champions that are honored death are entombed in marble, in the Catacombs of the Cathedral.

Chaplain General

The Chaplain General is a special title given to the officer responsible for leading and managing the Holy Brigade. It is not a title directly involved with the management of the Order, though in their duty towards the Holy Brigade, the Chaplain General can task Disciples to commit duties for the Holy Brigade.

Chain of Command

While the order encourages Brotherhood and Sisterhood among its Disciples, it also upholds a strict military chain of command during both times of peace and war. This is based upon ranks and titles as follows, in descending order:

  • Master Chaplain
  • Chaplain
  • Knight-Captain and Scout-Captain and High Cleric
  • Knight Knights take command if no (acting) Commander is assigned.
  • Lieutenant A Lieutenant is a Crusader temporarily appointed to command more junior Disciples
  • Crusader
  • Aspirant
  • Initiate