Character Page


Let me thank you for showing interest in creating your own character page. Mind you that a user page and a character page are quite different. The user page is a place for you, the real you. For example, you could post a list of characters that you play or a little thing about yourself. The character page evolved around the character you play in WoW on Defias Brotherhood.

If you are ready to embark on the mission to make your own (awesome) character page, then the following steps should get you well on your way.

Making a Character Page

Before we get started, make sure you

  • You have a registered account on our forum
  • You have been assigned to the guild member usergroup.

Logging in

This wiki is secured and only permits new pages to be created by guildies. To authenticate as a guilde, Log In on this wiki and you're set. Your username and password should be the same as on the forum. If you are assigned as a guild member on the forum, then you should have the permissions to create a page. If you have issues logging in, contact User:Jeanpierre ingame or on the forum.

Creating the page

The second step is rather easy! To make the page for your character, simply make a page with your character's ingame name. To give you a hand, you can use this form. I recommend to open the page in a new window or tab (usually obtained with a control+click). <form action="index.php" method="get"> Character Name: <input type="text" name="Title" size="50"/> <input type="submit" value="Find my character page!"/> </form>

If your character's page exists, then it will show it. If it doesn't, then the system will invite you to edit it. And voila! You are ready to make your own, awesome, character page.

Example page

If you look for an example of a character page, I recommend to have a look at Jean-Pierre d'Armagnac's page, or copy paste the code below in your character page. It gives a good start to a character page, but feel free to change it at will!

You can lead the page with a short description of your character.



The youth and childhood period of your character.

===Before joining the Disciples of Light==

Did you character have a notable background before joining the Disciples? 

==Carreer in the Disciples of Light==


The greatest accomplishments as a recruit.

===A great event!===

The role of your character in a great event.

==Work and Profession==


Adding your character to the list

To make sure the character is added to the list of characters, simply copy and paste this code anywhere on your character sheet: [[Category:Characters]]

By convention, not necessity, this is pasted at the bottom of the page.


When you are ready for more, check out the formatting page to touch up your text. It also explains links and more.

If doesn't satisfy your apetite, you can try,

  1. Adding Pictures
  2. Adding a gallery of pictures
  3. Adding a youtube movie
  4. Contacting the administrators for more ideas.