Funeral Of Adabella Nightshade

The funeral of Adabella Nightshade was held by Jean-Pierre d'Armagnac on monday, 20th of september, YearX.

The opening speech

Brothers, Sisters, Officers, friends,

Thank you for coming. We are gathered here to say goodbye from our dear friend, Sister Adabella, a young recruit of the Disciples of Light. Adabella has only been with us briefly, but despite her short time with us, she had a strong impact and has left us with a dear memory to cherish forever.

A recount of Adabella's work

I got to know Adabella Nightshade only a few weeks ago. It did not take her a long time to reveal her personality. She was headstrong, smart and had a clear view on what she deemed right or wrong. She would follow her heart, clearly, but that was also her merrit and strength. She would not tally in her actions or wait for things to come her way. She faced her challenges head on. Her opinion, she would make sure you heard it... in her typical charming, unabashed way. But even more than her headstrong character, I would say her compassion knew no bounds.

In a time of need she came around and helped us save many lives. Placing the lives of others ahead of hers, she would work tirelessly in the infirmary to aid the sick. Were I in the alchemy lab to search for a cure, then she would manage the infirmary, tend the sick, keep their fate and hopes alive. During this time, I could undoubtly say that she was a strong help who remained by my side till the end.

She had a lot of faith in me, more than I could fathom. She bestowed this view on me, leaving me little choice but to accept it, in her usual headstrong way. She brought me hope and strength in a time where I had accepted a defeat. It is her spirit, courage and love that carried me through and helped me stand before you today.

In the end, she chose to sacrifice herself for me. She spoke to me and said "The most evil action one can do is to murder someone. The opposite, the most altruistic, is sacrifice." She did not allow herself to persuaded. She was convinced she could save me, and through me, she hoped to save other people. I plead she would not do so, but left me only no choice other than to accept her sacrifice and live up to what she expected of me. Adabella... I will treasure your memory and the lessons that you taught me forever.

Words of the guests

Are there any Brothers and Sisters who would like to say a word?

The people that have spoken

The Prayer

Let us pray for Adabella.

You were headstrong and clever,
You would not heed the cost,
But your actions were never,
Neither in vain nor lost,
Your spirit won't hollow,
And will keep us company.
Though you left us with sorrow,
And bittersweet memory.
But we will continue,
enriched with your love,
and learn from the Virtue
that cost you your life.

The Parting

"Fire of the Spirit,
Life of all creatures,
Spirit of sanctity,
Glow of charity,
Light of clarity,
Call to the fallen,
Be with us and head us."

Though lost to us, your life will always serve as an example and inspiration for times to come. Your Light blessed us, and remains with us. Your memory we will cherish.

Goodbye, dear sister.
Goodbye, dear love.