Year XX

Brother Neals, head of the Clerics at Northshire Abbey in Elwynn Forest, was growing increasingly tired of the corruption within Stormwind's walls. Every day he would sense a lack of peace, a lack of a certain way of life that the Humans of Azeroth had followed for centuries.

He had also gained information concerning the motives of the Forsaken - the Undead race that reside in the North, led by the Banshee Queen Sylvanas Windrunner from the Undercity, beneath the ruins of the fallen City of Lordaeron. The Forsaken were working on a new form of plague not just to wipe out the Scourge, but to eradicate all the races, including Humanity.

The Church decided that a special group of Humans were needed to uphold the Virtues of the Holy Light -

to continue the work of the legendary Order of the Silver Hand,
to spread its teachings far and wide,
to protect the lands of the Alliance,
to lay siege to all evil,
to combat Windrunner's Forsaken armies and apothecary works,
to defeat Arthas and the Scourge and,
to one day begin reclaiming the lost Kingdom of Lordaeron.

Brother Neals placed this task in the hands of a young Human Paladin that he had helped raise since birth - a boy named Aarian. Born to unknown parents, Aarian was found abandoned as a child and raised in the Abbey, Brother Neals seeing him as the son that he never had.

Aarian named the group The Disciples of Light, and set off to spread the word of the Holy Light around Elwynn and Stormwind, re-igniting the passion for a once-great philosophy. He began with three trusted friends - Paladins Bors Lighthammer and Morfran Keane whom were made Chaplains, and old friend Lavitz Slambert who was to lead the Magi of the Order.

The Disciples set about to build up their numbers, study hard in the ways of the Light, aid the Cathedral of Stormwind, and take prominence in the politics of the City. Then they set out to root out corruption and evil, defend the lands of the Alliance far and wide, and put in motion their crusade against the Forsaken and Scourge threats.