Priest Inauguration


Any location that is pure and clean may be used for this ceremony. Preference is given to the Cathedral, a holy place. If no sacred building is used, then the location must be blessed with prayers for three days straight before the ritual can be performed there. The location must offer a straight path to an altar or the head of the room.


The guests

The whole community is invited to join the event and is invited to take place halfway the path. They are split in two groups. People who accept your nomination, will stand on the right side when facing the altar. People who have requests, demands or objections, can stand on the left side.

The leading priest

A priest of the candidate's choosing, or the Church's appointment may then lead the ritual. The priest will await you at the start of the path. It was tradition once upon a time that this priest bore white clothes and a scenser, but it has also proven tradition to change one's ways.

The apprentice(s)

The apprentices present themselves in white robes and bare feet, at the far end of the path. Their final effort shall be to reach the other side of the path, and complete their oath.

The path of ascension

The ceremony symbolizes the path a priest must follow and pass to be accepted. It begins with a confirmation of his purpose in a prayer to the light. This prayer, and its blessings, are followed by the trials of priesthood. A questioning by the head priest, or a the priest leading the ceremony. An acceptance, or trial by the people which the priest chooses to serve. A trial and acceptance of the Light itself. Then a final vow, prayer and word is spoken.

Opening words

The apprentices and leading priest enter the main hall of the cathedral.

Leading Priest(ess)
Welcome apprentices. You have asked us here to be gathered and hear your words. What have you to say?
We have come to complete our vow to the Light, we choose to continue its path day and night,
To spread its message to all and then to seek, to defend the poor, the defenseless and weak.
Leading Priest
Then pray, for only a pure heart and clear mind may take this path.

The Apprentices each recite their prayers in turn, or together. When they are done, the declare to be ready.

Priest(ess), we have prayed and our mind is clear. Our heart is now pure, devoid from doubt and fear.
We choose now to continue our work in Light's grace, to walk only its path, to follow only Light's ways.
Leading Priest(ess)
Your words speak of duty and your intentions are true. The Church acknowledged your efforts and training too.
Now the people may judge your words and your heart ere the Light will decide if today your duties start.

The judgement of the people

The leading Priest(ess) will then address the people that have come.

People of our community. Before you stands a man and a woman who choose to devote their life to the Light and this community. Will you accept them as your priests? What would you ask of these priests?

The Priest(ess) will tap the floor with her staff, or ring a bell.

May all guest that accept these apprentices stand to my left. May those that have objections or requests stand here, on my right.
In turn, you may declare what you ask this priest to mend or aid. Or you may voice an objection.

It is up to the ceremonial priest to decide if this request or objection is valid, and in line with the doctrine of the Church. It must be a non-material request, of course. Once it is validated, the apprentice should accept the assignment, or refuse his ascension to priesthood. While rare, it may happen that the priest-apprentice accepts a request, even when the ceremonial priest refused it.

There is one memorable tale from these requests.... It has happened that one man asked the apprentice for love. She accepted his request and promised to work with him till he found love. The man was maimed and found no woman bearing the sight of him. She tried to help him express his heart through art, and discoverd a heart so pure that she became enamoured with him.

If no requests have been made, the Priest(ess) speaks the following words.

The people have judged you and accepted you. Will you continue your path of the Light?
Yes, so I vow to follow Light's path and be a symbol of faith to my people.

If one or more requests have been made, the Priest(ess) turns to the apprentice.

The people have judged you and made their demands. Will you continue your path of the Light?
Yes, so I vow to follow Light's path and be a symbol of faith to my people.

The apprentice may also refuse, but is then expelled from the clerical order immediately.

When the community has decided to accept the priests, then they can continue the path and walk past the people.

Path of Light

These apprentices walk before the Light. Their mind is clear, so is their sight
With intentions clear and heart pure, reveal them the next path to endure.

The leading priest, or any priest blesses the ground with a sanctuary spell. The apprentices are to cross this blessed ground on their bare feet. Should the Light reject or burn an apprentice, then that apprentice is refused.

The light has chosen to bless our path, it has welcomed us and spared its wrath.
Its blessings we shall carry ever forth knowing the Light lives in our heart.

Blessing of Light

You walked the path of Light and heard its people voice. Will you bless us all as final mark of Light's choice?

The apprentices must then, bless the people and guests in the hall as a sign that the Light blesses their ways. It has been known in the past that a sick or ill patient would be brought forth for the apprentices to heal. But as such opportunism wasn't encouraged, the people in the hall would usually be blessed instead.

The people have been blessed by Light's will but it was us that followed the Light still.

Final Prayer

The leading priest(ess) then walks forth and stands before the altat, facing the priests and guests.

So it has been seen and witnesssed by all. You are true to Light's way and its purpose.
Kneel, apprentices, and vow your offer to the Light.

Apprentices kneel.

In body, speech and mind,
I offer my soul and being,
I renounce my wrongs,
I rejoice in the Light,
I dedicate to its Virtues,
I live for its Enlightenment.
Then rise, Priests of the light and continue forever its mission.