The Disciples of Light is a military Light order that stands as symbol for all that is righteous and fair. They follow the example of the Knights of the Silver Hand. It is a well established order, as old as the Defias Brotherhood server itself, and enjoys a respectable reputation. Swift in their offense, but always ready to defend the innocent, the Disciples have a war laden history against Horde, Legion and cults.

Roleplay and PvP

The Disciples of Light try to offer a roleplay experience true to the realms RP-PvP status, offering action in different aspects of the game. World PvP, and to lesser extent PvE, are integral parts of the Disciple roleplay. Yet they remain a full time roleplay guild, offering character development, religious and anti cultist roleplay.

Open to new players

Beginning roleplayers and new characters are welcomed in our order as much as veteran roleplayers. The path that the Disciples offer in their ranks ensure a gradual progression and have been tailored to run parallel with a leveling character.