Lars Milden

Lars Milden is a squire of the Disciples of Light. He was born in Westfall twenty-four years ago, and currently lives in Stormwind or Westguard Keep.



Lars Milden was born some twenty years ago in Westfall to the farmers Henrik and Emma Milden. His parents were loving, but the land was not. Lars would work hard to squeeze every inch of fertility out of the harsh landscape, early realizing that nothing worth having is simple to get.

Before joining the Disciples of Light

The Defias had become a prominent figure in Westfall as Lars entered his adulthood years. The bandits would come to the farm from time to time, and whilst some of them could be persuaded by words of sense, some had to be ended by blade. It pained Lars to slay these men and women, thinking that they were nothing more than unfortunate souls.

Lars soon met Patricia, someone who would become a close friend to him. Patricia had been captured by the ever-growing Defias Brotherhood, a situation which Lars managed to save her from. The two of them would do mostly anything together, but their relationship was not one of love and lust, they were friends.

Northrend War

As the assault upon Northrend began, Henrik, Lars and Patricia were sent out to do their duty. Patricia and Lars ended up on guard duty in Valiance Keep, a duty which Lars gave a warm greeting to. His warmness would soon be replaced by a biting chill, as one of the most terrible nights in his life grew closer.

It was an attack on their fortress. The scourge nerubians emerged from the ground and swarmed upon the stationed forces. They were forced to go out and meet them, as the ranged attacks from the spiders would tear the keep apart. Many a man and spider were ended, and Lars kept up. For a man who had only been shooing away bandits up until now, he was doing quite well. That luck was about to run out. One of the claw shaped legs of a Crypt Lord shot through his back.

He woke up a few weeks later in an infirmary bed. The first thing he was told was that he something almost miraculous must have saved him. The second thing he found out was that Patricia was no more.

Dismissal from Duty

Lars was no longer fit to fight in the war. Even though very few troops could be spared, he was sent home. On the way to the ship he recieved a missive. Henrik, his father, had also passed away in the war. With what power he had left within him he tried to remain strong. Perhaps seen as cold to the outside, he was filled with sorrow inside.

Back in Stormwind, Lars made an effort to get back to Westfall quickly. He would tell his mother what had happened, try and comfort her and then get back to the farming life. He was sure that his father would like him to keep the farm in a good state after all the work he had put into it.

When he entered Westfall, he noticed that not much had changed. But when he came back to the farm in which he was born and raised, he noticed that it was no longer a house more than a pile of ashes on a stone foundation. Inside the house, he found out that he no longer had any parents.

On that day, Lars decided to help others, perhaps in hopes to prevent something like this to happen to someone else, perhaps to find a new family. Once in Stormwind, he found the Disciples of Light.

Lars as a Disciple of Light

Recruit/Squire (Present: Novice)

Lars was admitted into the Disciples of Light not long after he entered Stormwind, finding their values alike to his. Equipped with nothing more than well-used clothes, a simple blade and a near broken shield he set out to work for the organisation that might very well be the only one he is part of in his life.

Meeting Sir Indarys and Finding the Light

Not long into his membership of the Disciples, he met Sir Beladon Indarys. Beladon, apparantly seeing something in Lars, took him under his wing and began to mentor him. Milden was trained with both blade and shield, evolving what he had already learned from defending his farm and from his trek to Northrend.

Sir Indarys also trained Milden in how to wield the Light, and where the mind behind using the should lie. Not far after training began, Milden found a source of Light within himself and managed to produce mere sparks. Beladon, proud of his student's efforts, gave him his old libram to use, an item that Milden has protected ever since.

Beladon and Lars would soon go to Northrend, to continue training and aid the Crusade.

Knighting Ceremony

Proudly, Lars Milden acted as supporter for when Sir Valtén Grimaldus was to be knighted. It was the first knighting ceremony that Lars had ever attended, and something that he will always remember.

Marked by the Hand

On the same night as the knighting ceremony, Lars and the other Disciples went to Duskwood to aid the Stormwind Regiment in finding some of their lost soldiers.

Further into the night, after events that perhaps should be forgotten sooner than remembered, Lars and the Disciples were to relocate out of Darkshire. But Lars had missed his fellow Disciples in their trip, still being tired after a run-in with one of the present cultists and had to walk the way to Westfall alone.

On his way, he met a night elf, yelling for help. Her caravan had been assaulted by feral worgen, and many of them were injured. Without asking too many questions, Lars Milden followed her into the woods. Once they reached the location of the injured night elves, Lars found out that the woman was a liar. The only thing waiting for him was a dwarf clad in dark armor and a brutal assault.

His legs were smashed repeteadly, and he was held down as the assaulters carved their insignia-- a split skull-- onto his wrist only to top it off with being forced unconcious by a concotion of the present kaldorei. He woke up in a Lakeshire bed, with only pain coursing through his body.

Initiate (Formerly: Chevalier)

Time Away

After his marking by the Hand, Lars decided to take some time away from his duties. He would spend the next months far away from Stormwind, meditating, studying and exercising. He, along with his hair, grew.

Return to Stormwind

Lars Milden would return to Stormwind to once again serve with his brothers and sisters in the Disciples. He quickly met Sir Indarys once more and found out about his new apprentice, Susan Earlstead, whom he'd spend the next few days getting to know and working alongside with.

After getting accustomed to the new ways of the Disciples, he would join as a student under Beladon once more, and very shortly after was promoted to Squire.


After passing his Light and Lore test, Lars was presented with the red cape of the Arms chapter, and a golden necklace for students of Beladon.