Lazel Kade




Lazel Kade is the son of a now deceased cultist and his wife. raised in Westfall, apon leaving home he travelled east into Elywnn Forest.


Lazel stands tall, at around 6"2. He is gaunt and somewhat skinny, with long black hair, often falling into his face, he's usually seen in dark, near morbid clothes.


Always keen to learn, Lazel is always eager to join discussions and find out as much about the world as he can. Lazel has an element of Sorrow around him, he seems to switch from happy to sad at the drop of a hat, and can often be found moping.


Home-taught by his Cultist father, Lazel denied all that he was throughout his whole life, he hated the Cult, it just felt...wrong. His mother was leader of the Cult, as she was in fact Half High Elf, allowing her rein to spread through near eons. Apon his Eighteenth Birthday, his Father demanded he mate with his Mother, in order to take his place as the "alpha male". Refusing, Lazel's father took up a blade and struck down, attempting to kill Lazel for his traitorous act, however when the blade hit Lazel's skin, Black flames burst forth, engulfing his house, his family, and his memory.

Lazel awoke to find he had little memory of his family, and life in general. Taking what little common he knew (Thalassian was the tongue spoken in his house, and the cult.), he ventured, exploring the regions surrounding Westfall, until reaching Elywnn Forest. He stayed as a vagrant for many years, and after settling down in Northshire Abbey, he overheard the priests discussing The Disciples of Light.

Curious, Lazel found out what little he could about the elusive organization, before approachin Jean-Pierre and Irys, and being accepted into the group.

Finding close friendship with Rae Wulfgnar, he found a kindred spirit. After a small argument, Lazel screamed out in rage, his body engulfed once more, by the flames of the shadow.

Now seeking to rid himself of his curse, he waits eagerly and listens for a sign that it's getting better...that it's going to all be fine.

Carreer in the Disciples of Light

Lazel Kade is currently a Recruit in the Disciples of Light.

Work and Profession

Lazel Kade is what he considers an amateur tailor, often dabbling in enchanting and disenchanting his own works, as to perfect them.