Schools Of Magical Knowledge


Magic knows no bounds. Pure arcane magic is free to roam the very world we step on, passing by our ignorant eyes as magical flows. Although, with the passing of centuries, the Azerothian races figured a way to grasp this magic and bend it at their will, manifesting it as a true element recognisable to our eyes and even to our world. The most primitive way of controllable magic was born in Draenor. The peaceful race of orcs had a deep connection to the earth, sky, water and fire. With this connection, the Earth Mother thought them the secrets of Nature and the shamans were born. Holding a great respect for this knowledge and nature itself, the shamans hold the very first magic that could be controlled by the minds of humanoids. The most primitive magic to ever exist was the main cause of the corruption of Illidian Stormrage and the lure of the Burning Legion: The former Well of Eternity. This reckless type of magic combined with reckless use from the addicted elves caused the Great Sundering of the World, dividing the world into two continents.

The Magi, a title that not everyone can bear, are researchers and manipulators of Arcane; pure magic energy. The Magi can feel, see and grasp magical flows, drawing its power and then, through years of intensive study and practice, releasing it as a recognisable element from the plane of existence we currently are, or manifest it as Arcane, shaped in a way that non-Magi and Magi can be influenced and effected by it.

Though the art of magic knows no bounds, the Magi implied their own limitations to it, creating three principal schools of magic: Arcane, Frost and Fire. There are Magi that wish to generalise in order to have an equal understanding of all schools; others specialize in order to be more powerful in that same school.



This school specializes in manipulating raw magical energy to boost up other spells or to create, transform, enhance and degenerate anything. It is the school that is probably the most difficult to study and to master, for Arcane may have many backlashes and effects, some lethal, due ti its' instability. For the others' own safety, only very intelligent and promising Magi can take on the route of Arcane as their passion and devotion.

The Arcane's strengths are,

A good mage can cast arcane spells without gestures or words, only by will.
A good mage can alter the perception of others in many ways.
Magic Mastery
A master of arcane can deflect and shield himself with efficiency from any type of magic (except divine), a result of their intense study in raw and base magic.



This school specializes in destruction and mastery of fire. The mage manipulates Arcane and bends it into the element of fire to create powerful fire spells that detonate at impact. This school is the most dangerous to others as it easy to manipulate and very furious, which goes perfectly into the ambient of battle. Frequently, Fire Magi become entitled as Battlemages, for their skill at casting are greatly searched for the turning of tides in battlefields. A master of Fire can call upon the very heat of a volcano or the breath of a powerful dragon.

The Fire's strengths are,

A good mage can destroy half a farmer's house with one powerful ball of fire.
A good mage can fight at close range in battlefields and other encounters, as they can dispatch enemies with powerful magic and regular call to arms keeps the mage fit.
Fire Affinity
A master mage at wielding fire can call the breath of a dragon to burn down everything in a matter of seconds.



This school specializes in the protection of the mage and has a vast array of spells to keep enemies at bay or unable to move, while the mage brings them down with cutting ice and freezing water spells. The Frost wielders have one and only one efficient trick of their trade: to be as far away as possible for as long as possible from their enemies, as opposite to their Fire magi counterparts. Frost magi are masters at protecting themselves with magical ice shields and reflexes impairing effects they cause in their enemies, as most probably they won't even have a chance to get close to their caster opponents. Strong arctic winds and ice is the tools of this school.

The Frost's strengths are,

A good mage is expert at protecting himself from others' non-magical attacks.
Frozen Affinity
A good mage is no longer affected with ice or cold, his own core became frozen, making the mage next to immune to low temperatures.
Water Elemental
A master of frost can summon an elemental made of water that defends the mage with bolts of ice. Another tool to the protection of the mage.