Standing Orders For Patrols

Here are the Standing Orders for regular Patrols.

  1. These standing orders apply to regular patrols carried out during a normal security state, and not necessarily to patrols carried out as part of a larger military operation.
  2. Each patrol will comprise three to five Disciples, of whom one may be of Crusader rank and the rest of Knight rank or higher.
  3. The patrol will be led by the senior Disciple present who should preferably, but not exclusively, be at least a Chaplain. A Knight may lead the patrol when there is no more senior Disciple available.
  4. Reinforcements may be brought in, if necessary.
  5. Patrols should be scheduled to last between about 30 minutes and an hour.
  6. Patrol objectives should be determined as follows:
    • As requested by a senior officer to support an ongoing operation
    • As requested, through the Patron or Master Chaplain, by the Stormwind Council
    • As requested by the Intelligence Officer to obtain information
    • To establish a presence in areas of known frequent random killings by the Horde
  7. Rules of Engagement shall apply throughout the patrol

Rank requirements for patrol members are currently suspended until sufficient Disciples of appropriate rank have been appointed.