The funeral of Clelia Lucretia Vantier

The funeral of the noble, lady Clelia Lucretia Vantier. It was held by Sir Jean-Pierre d'Armagnac and Sister Irys Grimrock.

The Opening Speech

Thank you all for coming. We have gathered tonight, in a difficult time when we are asked to part with Clelia Lucretia Vantier.

A recount of the life of Clelia Lucretia Vantier

She leaves behind a terrible void… Recently her love for and engagement with Sir Baron Braiden Mistlemantle was announced. With her loss, a great love leaves this physical plane. She was the last of her lineage, of the House of Vantier. With her loss, a great name will now pass into legend forever.

continuation by the assistant, not recorded

Words of comfort to the mourning

Loosing someone dear to us, is a difficult emotion. We are left with a difficult question. Why has her Light been taken from us? We are left with sadness. Bereft of her Light our world seems to have darkened. But the emotion is more complex than just the feeling of loss. We are confronted with how much she meant to us. In that we also find how valuable her life was to those around her. And that is why we gathered here, to honor the lifetime that we shared, and express our gratitude for the Light she has been to us.

Words of the guests

Take heart that we have all gathered here to share these difficult times. As we share this emotion, so has the Light revealed how dear Lady Clelia was to us. Let us find strength this way and take comfort in each other's presence, warmth.. and words.

The people that have spoken

Her fiancé
A friend

Thank you for sharing your message with us. There is no doubt these words came from the heart. As they touched those who listened to them, so did the Light reveal itself to us. So will it reveal itself to Lady Clelia. So it revealed who's hearts and souls had been touched by the Light that Lady Clelia brought in our lives. Find strength in eachother's company and Light's healing spirit, for it will bring heal her as well and keep her company.

The Parting

We would like to ask everyone to take a moment to reflect on this, while we sing the "Journey of the Soul".

Voice 1
It were a very sad day. It were a mournful day,
A treasure was lost: a woman had passed away,
Voice 2
In brief darkness her soul wandered, lost, alone,
When a warm Light appeared and brightly shone
Voice 1
An angel of Light she had found and so they spoke,
"Are you an angel? Will you bring warmth and hope?"
Voice 2
"Is your spirit troubled, are you lost my child?"
Voice 1
"Yes, for I have parted from family and love mild.
Angel of Light, who knows the way in this world,
Will you carry me away in your arms as foretold?"
Voice 2
The Angel shone bright, her voice cleared still,
She reached a hand and said "come if you will",
Voice 1
Comforted by her chanting and soothing sounds.
They parted from life's sorrows and its bounds.